The Lake District is renowned for offering some of the most stunning driving roads in the Country. With miles and miles of roads that wind through breathtaking landscapes, Cumbria definitely is the destination for those who enjoy scenic driving.

Here are our Top 5 recommendations for the best driving roads in Lake District:

Hardknott Pass:

Known for its steep gradients and hairpin bends, Hardknott Pass is one of the most challenging and exhilarating driving roads in the Lake District. It offers stunning views of the surrounding fells and takes you through remote and rugged terrain.

Kirkstone Pass:

As one of the highest mountain passes in the Lake District, Kirkstone Pass provides breathtaking views and an exciting driving experience. It winds its way through the fells and offers sweeping vistas of Windermere, England’s largest lake.

Honister Pass:

Honister Pass is a picturesque and dramatic route that connects Borrowdale and Buttermere valleys. It offers a thrilling drive with steep inclines, sharp bends, and magnificent views of craggy mountains and beautiful lakes.

Whinlatter Pass:

Whinlatter Pass is a scenic road that meanders through the enchanting Whinlatter Forest. This route provides a mix of dense woodlands, panoramic views, and a chance to spot wildlife along the way.

Wrynose Pass:

Wrynose Pass is a narrow and winding road that connects the Duddon Valley and Little Langdale. It offers a challenging drive with steep gradients, tight turns, and stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains.

Please note that while these roads are known for their scenic beauty and driving experience, it’s important to always drive safely, adhere to speed limits, and respect the local traffic regulations when exploring these routes.